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If you’ve not tried group counselling before, you might feel concerned about this idea. It can be intimidating.

You might think, I don’t want to be in a room or online with bunch of strangers. You might worry about sharing your personal struggles wth others and you might notice anxiety and concern about their possible judgement. At Lavender Counselling, our therapists do an individual intake interview for each member of the group. In that interview, we are looking to ensure group members have similar concerns to one another, so there is a true sense of connection. They are also looking to ensure all group members are both ready and interested in actively participating in an environment where they both share their struggles and support the other members of the group.

There are many benefits that come from group therapy that you might not have considered. Group therapy can help you feel less alone and isolated. It can increase your sense of belonging and offer a cost-effective way to seek support.

Know Yourself Grow Yourself

Know yourself; grow yourself

Exploring relationship with the self.

Exploring Trauma and Building Resilience

Exploring Trauma & Building Resiliency

Couples Connecting and Building Affection

Couples Connecting & Building Affection

Anxiety and Resilience Group

Anxiety & Resilience Group

Date: October 14-16, 2021