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Our Specialties

If you’ve been trying to unsuccessfully resolve the same problems, finding it hard to connect with yourself and those around you, or struggling to figure out what’s even ‘wrong’, Lavender Counselling can help. Lavender Counselling services can help if you think there can be more to your life than what’s going on right now. Lavender Counselling works with the following Counselling Specialites.

Lavender Counselling - Abuse and Trauma

Abuse & Trauma

When you experience abuse and trauma you can begin to integrate the resulting pain as part of who you are.

Lavender Counselling - Anxiety


Anxiety is a normal and a healthy part of life. But anxiety can help motivate us to move forward.

Lavender Counselling - Couples Counselling


Love can begin so beautifully. You used to see this person, and sense the warmth inside you, so comfortable and safe.

CVAP Crime Victims Assistance Program - Lavender Counselling

CVAP (Crime Victim Assistance Program)

This program funds counselling support for victims, immediate family members, and some witnesses in coping with the effects of violent crime.

Lavender Counselling - Depression


Moments of lethargy or sadness are common, but sometimes they settle in and you can’t see anything else.

Lavender Counselling - First Responders

First Responders

When most of society is running away, you are running towards the situation. It has become part of who you are.

Lavender Counselling - Grief-and-Loss

Grief, Loss & Bereavement

Grief can sweep you up and toss you around like you’re in wave, struggling to see which way is up.

Lavender Counselling - LBGTQ


Not fitting into the prescribed boxes that parents, families, religion, culture, or the wider society in general have..

Lavender Counselling - Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Life transitions can leave you inundated with so much change all at once. You can find yourself reeling.

Lavender Counselling - Military and Veterans

Military & Veterans

As part of the veteran or first responder community, you are tasked to provide safety during dangerous times.

Lavender Counselling - Multicultural and Diversities

Multicultural & Diversity

Feeling like an outsider because of how you look, dress, or speak can be a lonely and distressing experience.

Lavender Counselling - PTSD


We help you to make sense of the traumatic experience(s) in a way that helps you to reclaim your life.

Lavender Counselling - Tweens and Teens

Teens & Tweens

Being a teen or tween can be a confusing time. You might feel independent and free at times, but it may be scary.