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Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is a normal and healthy part of life. This might catch you off guard. But anxiety can help motivate us to move forward. It shows that we care about something. If we didn’t care, there would be no anxiety.

For example, anxiety motivates us to practice so we can improve, it helps us study for the test. If we didn’t care what the people in the audience thought and how they judged us, the anxiety would have no power. It wouldn’t even show up. So feeling some anxiety, at a manageable level, is healthy for you. Anxiety counselling will support your understanding of what is healthy anxiety.

But, anxiety can become so powerful. It can quickly spiral out of control. You might find yourself living in a state of fear, worried that a panic attack will overtake you in public, or that you will be embarrassed or judged by the people around you. Possibly, you feel terrified about exposure to germs or spiders. Or, you may find leaving home terrifying because you can’t control when the anxiety will come and you can’t control whether you’ll be safe or not. You might feel your thoughts begin to race, your palms get sweaty, and your breathing become so difficult that your strongest instinct is to run, or hide or fight.


Can Counselling Help with Anxiety?


At Lavender Counselling, we understand that even reading the above paragraph might leave you wanting to turn the computer off and run. We understand that considering to explore these things might leave you terrified. It may seem like the anxiety has become a giant shadow that towers over you and that your only defense has been to ignore it and stuff it down as far as you possibly can. You may feel like running from it. We won’t rush you. We won’t force you to dive right in and we certainly won’t push you in. Instead, we support you to make sense of those moments when your anxiety is just beginning to show itself.

We help you slow things down to understand your body’s sensations. We move slowly, and at your pace, so you can build confidence that the anxiety won’t overpower you and take over.