Start Embracing Life

Do you feel numb and unable to connect to yourself and those around you? Maybe you feel anxious and ‘on’, or worried your emotions will overpower you so you hold them off and now you’re entirely exhausted or depressed. It’s possible you aren’t feeling any of these things, but you still want to speak to someone for a new perspective or to get a better sense of your life. Lavender offers counselling services that can help.

You Are Not Alone.

Many people struggle with how to live together with their emotions in a way that feels good. You might feel overcome by your emotions one moment and then completely cut off from them the next. You might even be reading this thinking, this is too much counselling talk, I don’t want to feel anything at all. Many people struggle to manage emotions on a daily basis and others have created a system where they cut themselves off completely from their emotions just to feel comfortable. But, emotions provide you with invaluable information about your needs and wants. They motivate your behavior and provide the foundation for your sense of self and by extension your social relationships.

If you’ve been trying to unsuccessfully resolve the same problems, finding it hard to connect with yourself, and those around you, or if you are struggling to figure out what’s even wrong, Lavender Counselling can help. If you think there can be more to your life than what’s going on right now, Lavender Counselling services can help.

Our complimentary conversation allows you to come in and meet one of our counsellors or even see what counselling services are all about without any expectation or pressure. If it fits, great, you can re-book. If it doesn’t, you can book another complimentary conversation with one of our other counsellors, or not. You can decide the timing isn’t right and then call us back at anytime in the future.

We use an online booking system, so you can read about our counsellors and consider who might be the best fit for you and then book right then and there, without waiting for someone to get back to you. You are welcome to book with any or all of our counsellors for a complimentary conversation until you find just the right person for you. If you’d prefer to email or call us with a question or to have us book you in, you are more than welcome to do that too. At Lavender Counselling, we truly mean that we wish to come alongside you and for us, that means that things progress at your pace and as you’re ready.

Take a moment to imagine how light and free you might feel if you could release tension and conflict from your life. Our counsellors come alongside you with warmth, acceptance, and steadiness to help you explore and access your helpful emotions so you can embrace your life.

Lavender Counselling provides counselling services for children, teens, adults and the elderly. We provide couples counselling, and work with other pairs: parent/teen or parent/adult child relationships, siblings, and business-related conflicts including crisis supports such as grief counselling for non-work related loss.

We facilitate counselling therapy Groups designed to support people in coming together to process a similar experience (e.g., anxiety, depression, burnout, trauma/PTSD, those experiencing traumatic illness or loss such as ongoing illness of a child, death by line of duty or suicide, murder, or other traumatic event), so they do not feel so isolated or alone.

Finally, we support counsellors’ in the profession in many different ways. We are a training facility for master’s level counselling students and offer practicum placements. We have a team of supervisors supporting established counsellors in their work through individual and group consultation. We provide supervision of supervision and support counsellors going through the complaint process and engaged in consent agreements with BCACC.