Clinical Supervision, Consultation & Training

If you’d like personalized support with the booking process


Lavender Counselling - Student Practicum / Internship

Student Practicum/Internship

For students registered in a Master’s Degree program. Our practicum placement fulfills, and often exceeds, the requirements for BCACC, and CCPA registration.

Consent Agreements

For Registered Clinical Counsellors who require Clinical Supervision following an investigation. It includes clinical support through the Complaint Resolution Process and supervision for improving clinicial practice as dictated by the consent agreement.


Clinical Consultation Group - Lavender Counselling

Clinical Consultation Group

Deeply relational, experiential, attachment focused and trauma-informed. Very small group format. Begins March 15, 2024.

Lavender Counselling - Post graduate Consultation

Clinical Consultation

You’re a new graduate, or an established practitioner looking for professional support.

Lavender Counselling - Post Graduate Externship

Post Graduate Externship

You’ve graduated, registered with an association, but you want regular clinical support.

Training for Clinicians

Clinical Note Taking Workshop - Lavender Counselling

Clinical Note Taking Workshop

If you are feeling unsure, or insecure about your note taking, join us in person or online at your leisure.

Client Rentention Workshop

If you are noticing you have a few sessions that seem pretty good, but then the client does not return, join us online for this introspective, experiential exploration of client retention.

Training for Group Practices

Confidentiality training - Lavender Counselling

Confidentiality for Admin Staff

Confidentiality training for Admin Staff.