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Benefits & Coverage

Using your benefits plan for Counselling is ideal and this may help you determine whether you see someone with an RCC, MSW, or an R.Psych designation.

We often get questions like, “I am with Sunlife (insert any other group here), can I use my benefits with you?” Unfortunately benefits coverage varies by workplace, even with the same insurance provider. So it is important to check which therapist credentials your insurance company requires. All of our registered therapists are Registered Clinical Counsellors (and have the RCC designation). If your benefits do not cover an RCC, please find attached a form letter that you can adjust as you wish and send to your insurance company asking them to consider covering an RCC. Some clients have had success in receiving approval, even if their plan does not specify an RCC, some haven’t.

Another thing to consider if your plan does not cover an RCC is the value of your benefits per year compared to the standard rate of the therapist designation you are approved to see. Some people find, even if they do not have coverage for an RCC that it is more cost effective in the long run to work with an RCC. So in the long run, you may decide to see a therapist who either specializes in the area you’re seeking treatment for, or to see the one who you feel most connected with.

It is important to note that while your benefits coverage may not cover your therapy sessions, you may be able to deduct session fees as a medical expense from your personal income taxes. We encourage you to speak to an accountant to confirm this.

Our counsellors also work with many EAP providers. The amount of coverage you receive is dependent on your EAP provider. We do partner with your EAP to receive partial payment from them and a co-pay amount from the client at the time of the session. Please speak to your counsellor if you have an EAP to determine whether Lavender is a provider with that company and if we’re not, how we might work with them to ensure you have as little out of pocket expense for counselling as possible.

Ultimately, you are the best judge of which counsellor you are most drawn to. Because your relationship with your counsellor is so valuable in helping you make lasting change, we encourage you to find the right person.