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First Responders

You’ve been specifically trained to devote yourself to protecting society around you. When most of society is running away, you are running towards the situation. It has become part of who you are.

It might leave you always scanning your environment or searching for threats or dangers at each turn. You might need to drop everything at any moment to attend to an emergency, and feel the pull of work bumping up against the pull of your family. You may have a more predictable daily schedule but within that the most predictable thing is that you never know what might happen and as a result you may need daily life to be pretty straightforward. You may find that over time you’ve become jaded or that you’ve lost hope and faith in others. You may begin to notice a change in your own thinking. All of the sudden, everything feels so negative. Maybe your memory is faltering. Maybe you’ve had a thousand calls that are similar, but there’s one that just keeps coming back. Protecting the world around you and keeping them safe is a heavy burden. Operational stress injuries happen.

At Lavender Counselling, we can support you if you’ve been noticing the toll of carrying this weight and you’re not quite sure what’s going on, if you’re looking to connect with someone preventatively, and if you’ve received a PTSD diagnosis.