Student Internship / Practicum

You are part way through your Master’s Degree and you’re starting to consider where you’ll do your Student Internship or Practicum.

Maybe you have a sense of what kind of therapy you’d like to practice or how you would like to be in the room with clients. Maybe you have no idea yet. That’s ok. If you know for sure that some form of relational therapy is for you and you are deeply committed to learning and growing both as a person and as a therapist, then we might be a good fit with one another for your student internship.

Lavender Counselling - Student Practicum / Internship

Lavender Counselling offers an 8 month practicum placement, and welcomes a new cohort of students each September, January and April. We allow students to gain direct client, group, and professional hours. Over the 8 months, students work up to and maintain a maximum of 20 hours per week. Extensive supervision is offered both individually, and in group. The focus of the Lavender Counselling internship is to help you develop a trauma informed practice that allows you to feel confident in a private practice setting.