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Depression Counselling

Moments of lethargy or sadness are common, but sometimes they settle in and you can’t see anything else. Depression can feel like a fog has descended over you. Depression Counselling can help.

Depression counselling can support you when you struggle to see what is directly in front of you and feel so heavy. You can’t get yourself up and even considering to try anything different is exhausting in itself. The heaviness is so powerful. Concentration has disappeared. A dull numbness may be all you know. You might feel as if an invisible wall is between you and yourself and you and everyone else. The hopelessness can be so strong. You feel worthless. Depression can take many forms and counselling can help.

You may beat yourself up, demanding that if you just ‘XYZ’ you should be fine. And then you may have people you care about demanding you to snap out of it, dragging you for walks or sending you self help articles. Your loved ones may expect you to see that there is nothing to be depressed about. You have a roof over your head and enough food to eat.


Can Counselling help with Depression?


At Lavender Counselling we can support you to make space for yourself, without criticism. We help you explore the exhaustion, the confusion, the numbness. We invite you to consider that you too are worthy of love and kindness.

We stand beside you as you begin to reconnect with yourself and the things you once loved to do.