Each person seeks counselling for a unique reason. While there may be similarities between client struggles like anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, etc, our counsellors partner with you to help you get to know yourself. You might wonder, what does that even mean? I know myself!

So often the general business of life, expectations from your current roles or stories you bring from other times in your life can distance you from what is truly going on inside of you. You might find yourself constantly busy doing things unable to slow down to check in with yourself. Or you might find you have almost no energy and that life feels pretty dull and flat. You might even find you cycle between these two pretty fast. It is so easy to feel distant from your best self. You may remember a time when you did feel like your best self, and longingly wish to get back to feeling ‘like that’. You may not feel like you’ve ever known or experienced your best self. Each person’s best self is unique to them.

So, together we partner with you to help you Find Yourself.