Heidi Maxwell - Lavender Counselling


Are you looking for a therapist who isn’t afraid to talk about the very difficult parts of you? Maybe you have long-term trauma that hasn’t been addressed, or maybe there are aspects of yourself that feel too shameful to speak about. With warmth and compassion, I will help you to address these parts of yourself and help you integrate them in a way that is trauma-informed and sensitive to your needs. Together we will discover how to work with your emotions and develop a trusting and grounded relationship with yourself.

I work with clients with concerns such as post-trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, life transitions, values-alignment, emotional development, and matters related to self-esteem, confidence, and empowerment. I am LGBTQ2+ affirming. My theoretical alignment is person-centered (PCT), emotion-focussed (EFT) and focussing-oriented (FOT).

I welcome you to come exactly as you are: broken, fragile, confused, numb or confident, self-assured and triumphant. My hope that you come to realize you are essentially good and worthy just as you are.