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Teens & Tweens Counselling

Being a teen or tween can be a confusing time. You might feel independent and free at times. You might like that, or not. It might be scary and you might not be sure you can handle it.

If you do like the independence and freedom, you might only like it sometimes like when you go on walk to meet your friends. And then other times, when you’re expected to manage your homework and clean parts of the house, you might hate the expectations that come with being more independent. Instead, you might see your friends getting more freedom than you.

You might feel angry and resentful that you’re not allowed what they are. You’re changing. Your friends are changing. Your body’s changing. School’s changing too. Everywhere around you, people have expectations of you and that can be a heavy weight to hold. Maybe the things that brought you happiness before, don’t anymore, and you’re not sure where you fit in exactly.

As a Tween, you sit in this awkward space that does not get much attention. We hear about children and we hear about teenagers, but who’s talking about what tweens need? You might sometimes want your caregiver(s) close and then at other times, want a million miles to separate you from them. Sometimes your caregivers will want to be close, and that’ll be ok with you, or not, and sometimes your caregivers will give you space, and you’ll like it and other times it might feel lonely.

At Lavender Counselling, we help you start to notice and make sense of all the changes around you. We give you a place to freely name the ones you don’t like and that feel like too much pressure. We give you a place to get clear on what changes you do like and how they affect you. Your mental health is important!

We can help you understand and put words to what you need from the people around you. We help you move gracefully into your adolescence with mindful attention to who you want to be and what you want to define you. Counselling for Teens & Tweens helps.