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Life Transitions Counselling

Life transitions can leave you inundated with so much change all at once. You may have intense reactions that catch you off guard. You can find yourself reeling.

Just trying to make sense of everything going on. You might find yourself re-considering everything you thought you knew. You might re-evaluate what is important to you, your definition of success, your place, and your legacy here on this earth. You can feel worried and anxious about the future. All this uncertainty can leave you afraid, or on high alert trying to control everything around you because inside, things feel so out of control. Counselling for life transitions helps.

Some life transitions you can anticipate, like leaving university, reaching a significant age, getting married, becoming a parent, entering middle age, having your children leave the home, or retirement. Others, you may not anticipate at all like an accident, death, divorce, job loss or serious illness. What might surprise you, is that regardless of whether you anticipated the transition or not, it can bring intense emotions, distress and difficulty coping.

At Lavender Counselling, we help you take in the entirety of the transition. There are things that will never be the same again. Maybe parts of you that contributed to your self esteem or sense of purpose are changing or won’t be needed at all. We support you to recognize the loss embedded in the transition. We hold space for you as you grieve those losses. Counselling for life transitions helps you imagine what parts of life you want to keep and what parts might have opened up. We facilitate you exploring all that is new.

We help you notice any unexpected silver linings, only if they’re truly there. We won’t impose them in an attempt to make you feel better. We encourage you as you take steps forward to create a life you love.