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Lavender Counselling is providing these upcoming presentations; however, if you have a topic that you would like us to present on for your group, please do not hesitate to contact us at reception@lavendercounselling.com.

Mindfulness Moment | Taking a Breath

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed out by the end of the work week? Are you completely focussed on work and forgetting to take out for you? This 10-15 minute moment will allow you to sink into yourself as someone leads you through a mindfulness exercise. This goal of these experiential workshops is to allow you to de-stress during your work day.

Relationship Rescue | Four ways you Undermine your Relationship

Do you feel shut out from your partner? Do you feel like your partner insults you when you’re in conflict? Many couples struggle with how to communicate in their relationships and instead of building connection with their partner they end up feeling isolated and alone. This workshop will teach couples four specific ways they unintentionally undermine their relationships when in conflict. It will also provide one rescue strategy that couples can begin to use immediately.

Relationship Rescue 2 | Three Rescue Strategies for your Relationship

Relationship Rescue 1 is a prerequisite for this course. Have you struggled to maintain connection with your partner? Do you both resort to using criticism, contempt, stonewalling, and defensiveness during conflict? Have you had some success using validation, but feel like it is not enough? This workshop will teach couples three additional rescue strategies to help them learn to enter into conflict respectfully.

Coping with Cutting: A Parent’s Guide

Do you find yourself angry, frustrated, and helpless when you think about your child’s cutting? Do you struggle to understand how your child can be hurting him/herself in this way? Some youth find their emotions so distressing that the only way they know how to relieve the intensity of their emotions is to cut/hurt themselves. This workshop will discuss self harm, its causes and frequency, warning signs, risk factors, and will provide information on how parents can support their struggling child.

Childhood Anxiety | A Parent’s Guide

Do you feel like your child’s anxiety is getting out of hand? Do you struggle to understand your child and fell like telling them to just knock it off? Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health concern among children, adolescents and adults. This workshop will help parents to understand where anxiety comes from, how their child experiences it, and how they can help and support their anxious child to be able to enjoy activities that other children enjoy.

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