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Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy of Lavender Counselling outlines our commitment and the practices we use to honour our commitment to protect the security and privacy of personal information we collect. This policy aligns with the BCACC and CCPA code of ethics as well as the privacy requirements of Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA).Lavender Counselling is committed to collecting, using and disclosing your personal information responsibly and only to the extent necessary for us to be able to offer you counselling services.

What is personal information?

Personal Information is any information that relates to an identifiable person. It could be information related to your personal characteristics, (e.g., age, address, or phone number), your level of education (e.g., school, grade or year, program of studies), or any of your activities or views. This is distinct from business information (e.g., business address, or phone number), which does not have the same requirements to comply with privacy legislation.

Access to personal information

You have the right to access any personal information stored by Lavender Counselling. We are required to ensure the release of such information does not do harm to you or to any third party. Therefore, if a request were to be made, we would remove third-party information that may be contained in your records. Requests to review, change or correct personal information stored by Lavender Counselling should be directed to your individual counsellor or to

Lavender Counselling makes use of many support staff. These staff and at times other counsellors may have access to your name, the time and date of your appointment and whether you have paid for your session, or not. They will never have access to your clinical records unless otherwise directly specified (e.g., in the case of clients working with student intern counsellors, a clinical supervisor will have access to your personal clinical records). If you wish to be entirely anonymous through our systems, we are more than happy to set you up as a number in our system so that only your direct counsellor has access to your identity. Please speak to your counsellor about setting this up. There are a limited number of individuals who, thorough the course of their duties, may have limited access to the personal information we hold. Examples of these kinds of individuals include, but are not limited to external bookkeeper, accountant, legal counsel banking official if you’ve paid by e-transfer. We limit their access to necessary information for the purposes of their tasks and NEVER provide access to your clinical records unless otherwise specified (as above). We obtain their assurances that they follow appropriate privacy practices and principles when they interact with your data.


Expressed consent is sought whenever we collect your personal information. Sometimes there are instances where clients provide implied consent such as when you submit your personal details on our intake form, or you make a counselling appointment with our organization. It is implicit consent because we do not speak to you directly about the risks and benefits of providing this information and we are collecting this information and you are providing it to us.


Lavender Counselling does our absolute best to maximize the safety of your personal information.

Paper Information

  • We significantly limit the amount of paper information we collect
  • Paper information is kept in a locked filing cabinet in a locked room
    • There is only one key for this locked room and it is housed in a locked key box
  • Policy regulations are in place restricting levels of access to this room
  • Very rarely is paper information transported. If it is transported it must be in the personal custody of a person representing Lavender Counselling and files must be securely locked away when not unattended

Digital Information

  • Password protected devices are required, many with fingerprint level encryption
  • Unique users are identified with passwords
  • Payment information contains detailed logs used to maintain a trail of interaction with the information
  • Policy regulations are in place restricting levels of access to digital information
  • Cloud based information is acknowledged and clients have the right to opt-out of submitting cloud-based information
  • Cloud based information is restricted to such personal information as phone number, address, appointment times and dates and payment information. Clinical records are NEVER stored on the cloud
  • Some digital information is transferred electronically through email but only with the client’s consent.

Clinical Records

  • Clinical Records are stored in a locked room, in a locked filing cabinet on an external hard drive
  • Policy regulations are in place restricting levels of access to this room
  • External hard drives NEVER leave the Lavender Counselling office.

General Safeguards

  • Everyone, including staff, contractors or external supports, is trained in the following
    • The importance of personal information
    • Access to personal information is on a needs-to-know basis only
    • If someone begins to share personal information, it is halted immediately
    • Sensitivity and discretion when collecting and using personal information when others could hear
    • Redaction principles
    • How to recognize and stop being solicited for personal information
    • How to discard of personal information
    • The breach of policies related to the use and disclosure of personal information will result in immediate discipline and or termination
  • Privacy and security agreements are in place with the following people:
    • Lavender Counsellors
    • Temporary and contract persons
    • Bookkeeping and Accounting
    • Legal
    • Building management
  • Lavender Counselling has regular and systematic monitoring of compliance with these policies.

Retention and Disposition of Personal Information

  • Personal information held by Lavender Counselling will be destroyed seven years after cessation of services with Lavender Counselling. Such information will be destroyed in a manner designed to protect privacy.


We are committed to ensuring this Personal Information Protection Policy is available to the public. It is available on our website and can be provided by any of our contractors or staff upon request.