Post Graduate Externship

This externship is for those interested in seeking consultation for their experiences in the profession.

You might be feeling insecure about your practice, struggling to hold or gain clients. Or you’re giving and giving to the point where you’re now burning out. Maybe you’re worried about the impact of the profession on you. Maybe you’re concerned about compassion fatigue.

This externship will help you make sense of what you’re doing in the counselling room and why, and allow you to process all that might be coming up for you. It supports those interested in deepening their understanding of relational modalities of counselling (Process-experiential approaches (Emotion Focused Therapy, Gestalt, IFS, etc), Somatic Approaches (Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy), AEDP, Existential Analysis, Trauma Therapy, and Person-Centered Counselling.

It is for Registered Clinicians (RCC, CCC, MSW, R.Psych) who have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Counselling and who are committed to participating in a continuous group experience that allows them to deepen their relationships with themselves and their peers over the 7 month period.

This group will be strictly limited to 10 participants and will be in person.

Upcoming Dates

January, April, and September intakes.