Lavender Counselling - Caitlin Zalm


When I reached out to a counsellor for the first time, I felt stuck, overwhelmed, disconnected, and utterly exhausted. I was struggling to move forward. It took a couple of tries to find the right fit, but when I did, it was feeling truly seen, understood, and trusted that helped me develop the self-understanding and insight to navigate those next steps.

I believe deeply in each person’s resilience and capacity to meet life’s challenges, adversity, pain, and unpredictability. However, we can become blocked when we are disconnected from ourselves and our inner wisdom. My goal is to create a safe space that fosters embodiment and presence, where you feel supported to explore your experience with curiosity and kindness. My work is trauma-informed, grounded in a Person-Centred and strength-based approach, and incorporates an attachment lens, body-orientated work, mindfulness, and self-compassion. My purpose as a counsellor is to support clients as they develop a sense of clarity, authenticity, and ownership on their unique path, whatever that may be, so they can experience a more fulfilling life and come to a place of greater peace within themselves.

Supporting others to develop their potential, self-worth, and sense of empowerment has always been my passion. However, it was my experience working in a group home, family shelter, and residential treatment centre for addictions that inspired and motivated me to pursue counselling. I am privileged to have earned my Master of Counselling Psychology degree from Adler University and become a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC).

I deeply respect and honour my clients’ personal choices and recognize that it takes courage, strength, and self-love to begin your journey to healing. I would welcome the chance to meet you, listen to your story, and see if I am the right fit for you. I currently work with adults who are facing a range of challenges, including:.

* Anxiety
* Addictions (loved ones of those experiencing addictions)
* Boundaries
* Depression
* Self-esteem, lack of confidence, or feelings of not good enough
* Shame
* I do not work with couples