Lavender Counselling - Ajay Erasmus


Life is full of many demands and stressors making it easy to feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Sometimes we feel like we are drowning in our feelings and can’t deal with life. Or we feel like we can deal with problems but really struggle to feel life. Usually we want to be able to do both: feel AND deal with life, but feel ashamed when we are not able to do this. I view counselling as not only helping with processing what is hard and helping feel unstuck, but to help people thrive in their life and feel empowered and free.

In the journey of being a person it can often feel dark, lonely, and confusing. I consider it my deepest privilege to help another bear in the darkness, with safety, warmth, and compassion, to help them see light and work towards healing. My approach to counselling is personalized, collaborative, and accepting because I believe every person is unique and brings their own set of thoughts, feelings, and perspective to their experience of life. Through empathy and meeting people where they are at, I work to come alongside people and support them in their journey of connecting to themselves and their unique position towards their experience of life, to help them not only heal, but to live a life they want to. My passion is to see people thriving in life by being able to fully engage with themselves, others, and the world, in a manner that is authentic and fulfilling to them.

I have completed my Bachelor in Arts in Psychology and Communication (B.A) and Masters in Counselling Psychology (M.A) from Trinity Western University and am registered as both a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC).

My therapy style is influenced by the certification and training I have in existential, experiential, and trauma-informed therapies such as Existential Analysis, Emotion-Focused Therapy with couples, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy and Observed-Experiential Integration. I have experience working with young adults, adults, and couples with various concerns including: depression, anxiety, self-growth/personal development, emotion regulation, shame, embodiment, relationship difficulties, identity & existential issues (meaning, purpose, fulfillment, etc.), spiritual and cultural crisis, trauma and life transitions.