Meditation & The Critical Voice

Mingyur Rinpoche, a Buddhist Monk, taught a simple meditation training in our last post. As you might have noticed, he is not the same monk who coined the idea of the puppy mind I mentioned in our first blog post on mediation. Mingyur uses the term ‘monkey mind’ to describe the all over the place, and into everything way our mind wanders in the same way that the Vancouver monk I worked with used the idea of a puppy mind. Both monkeys and puppies have a playfulness about them. There is a lightness to them.

The Monkey Puppy Mind

Thanks for joining us again to learn more about meditation. Last post, we talked about the most common stumbling block of developing a mediation practice, which is how uncomfortable and unbearable it can feel when your mind is all over. It is at this moment that you’re actually doing it, just as it was intended.