Are You Ready

Unsure about whether you want to start counselling or not? At Lavender Counselling we have no expectation of you. Come for a complimentary conversation. There are no strings attached.

If the counsellor doesn’t feel quite right, you can tell them, and they will support you in finding someone who might be a better fit. If you’ve booked a complimentary conversation but you feel connected to your counsellor, and you want to continue your session, you can request to finish the session and we simply pro-rate your session to half price. If you’d like, you can book a complimentary conversation with each of our counsellors. Choose the one who is the best fit for you. Our primary goal is ensuring you get the support that will be most helpful for you.

You might know exactly why you want to come to counselling, or not. One common misunderstanding is that counselling is only for when things are going sideways in your life. And we certainly support clients during those times. But, counselling can be useful when you’re just not quite sure about something, or even when things are going well. We can support you to recognize your blind spots and help you create a life that you absolutely love.

Booking with a Lavender Counselling Counsellor is intended to have as few barriers as possible. We look forward to meeting you.

Student Intern Counselling

Student Counselling

Weekly Counselling $40+GST/session
Individuals 13+

Post Graduate Fellow Counselling

Post Graduate Fellow

Flexible Scheduling $90+GST/session
Individuals 13+

Registered Therapist Counselling

Registered Therapist Counselling

Flexible Scheduling $140-$150+GST/session
Individuals & Couples