Admin Staff Training: Confidentiality

Confidentiality training - Lavender Counselling

For administrative staff members supporting Counsellors in BC to learn about the nuances and requirements of protecting client confidentiality.

This workshop is for those seeking to work in a support or administrative role with Registered Clinical Counsellors bc BC, as well as for Group Practice Owners seeking to provide a layer of training for their administrative staff. It briefly covers the relevant organizations overseeking confidentialty in BC, offers information about the broad requirements of PIPA, and helps admin staff explore various ways in which they may interact with confidential information. It provides some prompts for how those in support roles can exit gracefully from interactions that could possibly compromise a client’s confidentiality. Finally, this workshop offers some key points for those in administrative positions to bring back to the Practice Owner to clarify how their organization would like to navigate some unique circumstances (such as converstaions that leave concern for safety).

Cost: $178.50

Facilitators: Carolynn Turner, MA, RCC, CCC, CT

Location: In Person, Langley or Zoom