The Counselling Team

Jenn Beaver, Intern

Jenn Beaver

I believe in collaboration, connection, and authenticity both in counselling and in life. My aim is to create a therapeutic space where you feel seen and heard, and to walk alongside you in your journey to wellness, whatever that looks like for you.

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David Nisbet (MA, CCC)

David Nisbet

The human journey includes painful experiences. There can be unbearable tension between the harsh limits of life and our deep longings for freedom, connection, and wellbeing. It was my own experiences of pain, confusion, disconnection, and feeling stuck that first led me to the world of the therapeutic process.

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John Murray (MA, RCC, CCC)

John Murray

Everyone comes to counselling with a variety of lived experiences that I treat with compassion and curiosity. I work with each person to create an environment that is safe for them to explore their lives, difficulties, and strengths. Together we create goals that guide a journey toward wellness. I always feel honoured when clients choose to see me.

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Courtney Rombough (MCP, RCC)

Kelsey Siemens

I believe that working towards wellness and self-understanding is a lifelong endeavour. My aim is to provide you with a safe and non-judgemental space for you to discover what wellness means for you. Together, we can explore the different facets of your world and make meaning of your life experiences.

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Kelsey Siemens (MA, CCC, RCC)

Kelsey Siemens

I consider it an immense honour to create a space for individuals to access, and experience profound healing and a deeper connection with self and others. We all need to have our stories received with empathy and understanding in order to grow and to make meaning out of our difficult experiences.

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Julia Hyslop (MCP, RCC)

Julia Hyslop

I am constantly humbled by my clients’ courage to pursue growth and healing through the counselling process. I work as a collaborative therapist, joining with you in creating a safe space for you to experience healing and deeper connection with yourself and with others.

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Carolynn Turner (MA, RCC, EFT Therapist, Level 2)

Clinic Director & Founder

Carolynn Turner

My personal belief is to meet people from a non-judgemental place of understanding in order to collaboratively address issues in their lives. I hope to help you create sustainable changes in your life so you can embrace the world around you.

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Warm, Gentle, Non-Judgemental Client-Led Counselling

"Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning."
~ Maya Angelou

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