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Stay Gold Custom Car Show June 24th: Showing Heart & Supporting Mental Health

Last year about this time an old acquaintance of mine posted about his plan to organize a car show, Stay Gold Custom Car Show, to benefit mental health in Langley. He was looking for corporate sponsorship and I was honoured for Lavender Counselling to fill that role. I was tentative about the arrangement as I had not been exposed to the Strong Car Club since I had watched them from afar in my late teens. They always had the fanciest lowrider cars that had lights coming from under them or hydrolics which had them jumping and bouncing around. I did not yet know the distinguished (and possibly more grey haired) version of these guys. I simply wasn’t sure what kind of car show this might be. But, I was 100% in for their cause: mental health.

After watching the Strong Car Club host a professional event which was open equally to cars in all categories, I was far more optimistic. They have heart. They have passion. They have a commitment to supporting one another. They have a commitment to their local community.
This car show was established because one of “their guys” had his own struggle, as many of us and our loved ones have and do. He had barriers accessing services and the wait times were an issue. This statement is not intended to be about fault. It is simply the reality of the barriers that exist for those who seek to access complimentary services. The demand currently exceeds the availability of funds. Upon realizing this, the Strong Car Club got together and began brainstorming what they might do to make change. They did not sit back and merely complain about lack of services or blame the system. Nope, they put their whole hearts in and created an event that has made lasting change. Their initiative is both bold and brave.

The inaugural Stay Gold Custom Car Show raised over $10,000 for Langley Community Services Society which was used towards supporting those in need in our local community. Over the past year this has included providing comprehensive psychological assessments, and private counselling services. This funding has also allowed many individuals to maintain stable housing, medications and food security.

After seeing their heart, Lavender Counselling has decided to partner with the Strong Car Club to take on a more significant role in this year’s show. We are so proud to be hosting the inaugural year of the exotic car section in the show this year. We have an incredible line up of exotics that we are excited to share with you. Come out on Sunday June 24th to support the club’s initiative to increase access to mental health services. Come enjoy the cars. Come and support our cause.

Stay Gold Custom Car Show Details:

Date: June 24, 2018
Time: 10am – 3pm
Location: HD Stafford Middle School
Address: 20441 Grade Crescent, Langley, B.C. V3A 4J8
Website: http://staygoldcustomcarshow.com/

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