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  • Trauma informed teaching: An introspective look at returning to the classroom

    Teachers have an innate desire to help and support. We are specifically trained to give ourselves to others, to consider how others learn best, to be mindful of how others might be experiencing things, and to figure out what others need to move forward. We guide others to cultivate knowledge; we bolster others as they find … Read more

  • Settling In…

    Snow is like a weighted blanket, silencing the clutter of daily life. In this part of the world, we settle in to wait it out. Schools close. Groceries wait. Sports pause. Meetings cancel. In the stillness of the storm, we may lack stillness inside ourselves. We may binge netflix. We may go on cleaning and … Read more

  • Self Care Re-Defined

    The message that we ‘should’ all engage in self care is everywhere. This can leave self care feeling like one more thing to put on our to do lists. At every turn – be it magazine covers or blog posts – we’re promised happiness and contentment if we simply follow “these 4 simple steps”. Lists … Read more

  • New Year’s Resolutions?

    As we think about the New Year we’ve just entered, resolutions are often front and centre in our minds. I had the privilege to speak to Vanessa and Leah at 107.7FM, The Pulse, this morning about how to move forward with resolutions. When considering a New Year’s Resolution, proceed with caution. There can be a lot … Read more

  • Stay Gold Ju Jitsu and Fitness Academy: Committed to Destigmatizing Mental Health Challenges

    Stay Gold is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “being true to yourself, innocent, uncorrupted, unblemished”. Lavender Counselling is honoured to introduce the Stay Gold Ju Jitsu and Fitness Academy where they are deeply committed to destigmatizing mental health challenges and to helping those who train there ‘Stay Gold’. Chronic stress is a public health crisis (American … Read more

  • Stay Gold Custom Car Show June 24th: Showing Heart & Supporting Mental Health

    Last year about this time an old acquaintance of mine posted about his plan to organize a car show, Stay Gold Custom Car Show, to benefit mental health in Langley. He was looking for corporate sponsorship and I was honoured for Lavender Counselling to fill that role. I was tentative about the arrangement as I … Read more

  • How to choose a trauma therapist?

        If you’ve had one significant traumatic event, or several traumatic events occur in your life, finding a skilled trauma therapist is essential. This past week I have had the privilege of working with first-responder/military couples, in group format, where one partner has a PTSD diagnosis. The goal of the program is for the couple to … Read more

  • What makes sex “good”?

    As a psychotherapist who specializes in sexuality, I have spent much time contemplating what is happening– emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally– when our sex lives are thriving. Through my research, I have also talked to both men and women who have embraced their sexuality as an essential aspect of who they are. From my work and … Read more

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