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  • Counselling in Langley
  • Counselling in Langley
  • Counselling in Langley

Lavender Counselling in Langley, BC

Start Embracing Life Again

Do you feel frustrated, sad, lonely or depressed much of the time? Or, do you feel numb and unable to connect with yourself and your emotions?

You are not alone. Many people feel overcome by powerful emotions and struggle to manage them on a daily basis; others, have created a system in which they cut themselves off from their feelings. Emotions provide us with important information regarding our needs, and wants. They motivate our behaviour and provide the foundation for our self esteem, and social relationships. If you’ve had enough of trying to unsuccessfully resolve the same problems, and you find it hard to connect with yourself, your partner or your family, Lavender Counselling can help. Imagine how light and free you might feel if you could release the tension and conflict in your life. Our counsellors come along side you in a caring and non-judgmental way to help you explore and access your healthy emotions, allowing you to embrace your life again.

Counselling Schedule and Appointment
Counselling focus

You’re the Focus

Warm, Gentle, Non-Judgemental Client-Led Counselling

“Live in the moment, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering"
~ Tim Holtz

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Counselling Schedule and Appointment

Currently, all of our client sessions are via telephone or video. Here are some ways to prepare for your remote session:

  1. Be mindful your environment meets your needs:

    • Consider whether someone will need to enter the space during your session and the degree of sound privacy you have.
    • If you have children, is there someone who can care for them or something they can do so you can embrace your session fully?
    • Make sure electronics are fully charged and you are in 'do not disturb mode'.
  2. Create space for yourself.

    • When you come to counselling, you likely drive to and from the office in private, allowing for some private reflection time. Give yourself the same grace in this virtual setting.
    • Prepare yourself a cup of coffee, tea or water. Have some Kleenex near you.
  3. Talk about what is and isn't working.

    • This is a new way to engage for you and your therapist, so talk to your therapist about parts that are and are not working.
  4. If you're doing a video session:

    • Please don't stress out about the cleanliness or look of your home. Our focus is solely on you.
    • Turn off as many electronics as possible or move near to the router to allow for a strong signal.
  5. If you're doing a telephone session:

    • A landline is the most secure telephone option. We can only be responsible for confidentiality on our end.

Above all, be kind to yourself as you seek support in a new way.

The Lavender Counselling Team